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We make your construction dreams a reality

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Are you looking for a reliable construction service company?

You need not look anywhere, we at VM Construction is here to be of your service. Our 30 years of experience is a living proof that we are reliable and have established good relationship with our clients, suppliers, and every person we work and transact with.

Are you tired of untimely delivery of a project?

We will never deliver the project after the deadline. We will deliver it before the agreed deadline. We do know how important your time is and time is money. This is the reason why we make sure we finish each of the projects we have days before the scheduled delivery date.

Are you tired of getting ripped by a construction service company?

We will never rip you off. We do not do business that way. We will never get money out of you in order to earn more profits into our pockets. We do know how valuable every penny you spend for a project. With that, we will treat every penny you pay us with value as well. This will help us come up with a good project without sacrificing quality yet still fits your budget.

We are here to help you realize your project and turn it into a structure you will definitely love and be proud of. We are on your side. When you are happy with everything from the quality, delivery and overall transacting business with us – it means we have done our job right. This is where we get our inspiration to do more, to work harder, and to deliver impressive projects without ripping our clients off of their money.

If you are a “do it yourself” type op person, we also can assist with numerous facets of the construction industry. For example when you start off with your new project you will have to make use of a pest control specialist in your area. We work hand in hand with pest control Pretoria for a numbers of years now and can thus endorse their services. Just make sure that before you use any contractor for that matter, that you at least done a proper referral check or contact us to help you in appointing the right contractor for the job at hand.

Are you willing to give us a shot?

Will you even consider the idea of giving us a shot? Giving us a try? Well, guess what? We do offer you a free quotation for your project. You do not need to worry about getting hooked or be obliged to hire us to do the project for you.

If you see our proposal, and see it as beneficial to you financially and you love the future outcome – then hire us. If not, then we will see it as an opportunity to do better the next time we will bump into the same project as yours.

Let us be of your service the next time you have a construction project on hand, and if not you can also make use of the services of which we have a good working relationship with, for over a decade now.